Glitter Gel - You'll see it used in popular facepainting books such as The Fairy Princess Book and Butterflies by Marcela Murad. You'll see it being used by world-famous face and body art instructors at conventions and workshops everywhere. We have the honor and pleasure to say that some of the top face and body artists in the world are big fans of this product and have used it in their award-winning designs.

It is a glitter gel made from cosmetic glitter and an aloe gel base. Because there are no drying agents in the product, it may take a little longer to dry than some comparable products. However, we feel that using fewer ingredients makes the product safer to use and helps keep the applicator from clogging. If you do get a clog in your applicator tip, remove it and soak it in hot water for a while. Then use running water or a pin to remove any dried gel.

Our Glitter Gel comes packaged in a 1/2oz (15ml) squeeze bottle with a detachable metal tip. This metal tip gives you awesome precision when applying the gel. Simply remove the metal tip (rinse it out) and replace the white cap on your Glitter gel between uses. We also offer refill and bulk sizes of our Glitter Gel.

You can use Glitter Gel to create faux-Henna Body Art. This is great for kids (and adults) who want the henna experience but need something that they can wash off at the end of the day.

You can use our Glitter Gel to accent your real henna designs. Once the gel dries, it generally stays on the skin for the day and can easily be washed off with water at the end of the day.

You can create Bindi designs with our glitter gel. Apply dots and teardrops above the eyebrows. We offer several laminated sheets with Bindi design ideas.

By far the most popular use for glitter gel is as an accent for face and body painting. Use it to highlight or outline your designs. Instantly make your designs stand out from average face painting. Small Bling dots look just like little crystals but are much easier and less expensive to apply. For Brides you can make beautiful designs with white fairy dust gel - discreet and very pretty.